Unified Resilience Platform

Reimagining Cybersecurity & Compliance solutions through a Unified Resilience Platform.

Cytex is a complete SaaS solution, centralizing cybersecurity and compliance. Patented technology tools will have your business up and running within hour. 

Instantly reduce the risk of data breaches Improve your compliance with industry regulations AI generated tools to save time and money.

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Cytex Specialties


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As work becomes more distributed, a firewall defense is no longer an effective strategy. Organizations have to reorient around the perimeter-less defense to fully secure branch offices, remote devices, & a mobile workforce. Cytex provides support for a perimeter-less defense & a pathway to zero-trust network architecture.

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Regulatory Compliance

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Privacy regulations are here to stay and expected to become more stringent. Qualifying organizations must comply or face steep regulatory fines. Cytex provides compliance audit tools to manage different regulatory frameworks.

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Data Supply Chain

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Data supply chain attacks exploit a tool or vendor to compromise an organization’s security defense. Organizations need to continuously evaluate their data partner’s security posture and data compliance. Cytex simplifies data supply chain assessments & remediations.

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Gamified Cyber Training

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Employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. They need to learn about the techniques cybercriminals uses to infiltrate organizations. With Cytex, organizations can train employees about cyber risk and launch simulated phishing campaigns to provide a realistic training scenario.

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Mitigate the impact of Kronos data breach

Kronos data breach highlights the importance of a proactive cyber security approach. Team Cytex shares a plan to mitigate the impact of the Kronos data breach.

Are you protected and compliant?

of organizations do not have a dedicated cybersecurity team.
of organizations have implemented a zero-trust security model.
of organizations have experienced a data breach in the past year.
of organizations have no plan in place to respond to a data breach.
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Network Security

  • Perimeter-less security beyond the firewall

  • Block malware, malicious content, and phishing attacks

  • Identify shadow IT

  • Get complete visibility into connected devices and applications

Regulatory Compliance

  • Intuitive compliance audit modules

  • Assess and remediate compliance gapss


  • Automate data asset discoverys

Data Supply Chain

  • Identify risks in data supply chain beyond your organization

  • Identify vulnerable data partners

  • Gain visibility into data supply chain

  • Impact assessment of supply chain attacks

Gamified Cyber Training

  • Training content on a number of cybersecurity topics

  • Simulator to run phishing campaigns for hands on trainings

  • Gamified learning improves employee engagement & retentions

  • Built-in engagement and training completion analyticss

Identity & Workflow

  • Easily onboard & offboard employees with identity management

  • Connect to applications with single-sign on

  • Automate routine tasks with a no-code workflow manager

  • Secure remote workers & devices through mobile data management

Secure Cloud Apps

  • Identify misconfigured cloud workloads

  • Supports AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Office365, Onedrive, GSuite, & Google Cloud

  • Use data loss prevention to stop sensitive data breaches

  • Streamline audit activities to improve compliance scores

Our Partners

MIT sandbox Innovation Fund Program
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
American Hospital Association
Profectus Beauty
Freedom United

MIT's Technology Partner: Cytex

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cybersecurity Clinic and Cytex have teamed up to develop strategies against cyberattacks on cities. By using the Cytex municipality audit framework, MIT cybersecurity clinic members work with public officials to assess vulnerabilities in their critical infrastructure and provide suggestions to reduce the threat surface area.

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