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Designed to address the unique needs of SMBs in today's challenging environment. Cytex protects SMBs against malicious attacks & provides data protection for all digital assets.

Member of MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program

Why is Cytex different?

The proliferation of connected devices and cloud apps has created new network connectivity options freeing people from the traditional office environment. This has also rendered the perimeter-based firewall defense useless. Cybercriminals are now becoming more creative in how they design their attacks using increasingly sophisticated methods like spear phishing and social engineering.


Cyber attacks target SMBs


SMBs don't think they will be attacked


Hacked SMB's fail within 6 months


SMB's don't have cyber insurance

Cytex cybersecurity & compliance

The evolving threat landscape requires a new way to protect data assets beyond the traditional perimeter defense organizations have deployed. Cytex takes a holistic view of cybersecurity and compliance challenges faced by SMBs.

24/7 AI Protection

Cytex's AI & machine learning algorithms monitor all known and new global threats in real-time.

Cloud Apps

Cytex provides out of the box Data Loss Prevention for Dropbox, Amazon S3, Office365, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Compliance & Policy

Cytex makes it easy to achieve compliance through it's built-in audit modules for FINRA, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, & HIPPA.

Phishing Training

Cytex provides an integrated phishing simulator for ongoing employee compliance & risk mitigation training.


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Physician offices

Protect ePHI and comply with HIPAA security rules


Protect customer's financial information


Protect customer's information and achieve compliance with FINRA audits

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