Cytex Global Partner Program

Are you a managed service provider, reseller, or cybersecurity consultant? Grow your business with Cytex & make your clients cyber resilient.

Managed Service Providers

Cytex empowers MSPs to expand their offerings with an all-in-one AI powered data protection & compliance solution. Expand your client base with Cytex.

Reduce Costs

As a SaaS offering Cytex does not need new hardware or software. Cytex reduces application sprawl that results in a net cost saving.


Scale your solution offerings as you grow your business.


Cytex partner program rewards you when you make referrals.


Cytex partner program makes it easy for resellers to grow their busineses. Cytex marketing resources & technical support helps you jumpstart and boost revenue.

Growth & Rewards

Scale your business with Cytex - help your customers while growing your revenues.

Ease of Management

Cytex all-in-one data protection & compliance solution is up and running in 1 hour, allowing you & your customers to reclaim IT time to enhance business and boost revenue.


Our technical support team is available 24/7 to support you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


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